Sneaky Advertising and Marketing Tricks - Getting Customers with Free Offline Advertising by J. Richard Kirkham

In this book you will discover advertising and marketing tricks I use as a full time, self-employed in home computer tutor and virus removal specialist here in Honolulu Hawaii. Running a full time business on a shoestring advertising budget takes cunning and imagination. Utilizing my 30+ years of sales and public relations experience, I've not only increased my business and made money with

these sneaky advertising and marketing tricks, I've actually had people stop by and compliment me on my ideas. 

Proven Sneaky Advertising and Marketing Tricks


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I'm Going to Show You

How to Make Low Cost Business Cards That Get Calls  

Increasing Your Calls on Your Business Cards

When To Hand Out Your Business Card

Where to Leave Your Business Cards

All Advertising and Marketing Must....

Acting Like a Big Business

Cheap Ways to Advertise with Your Car

Coffee Shop Advertising - Getting People to Approach YOU!

Internet Access (It's not what you think)

Sticky Advertising

A Helping Hand

Network Marketing (No it's not MLM)

Your Attitude Communicating with a Prospect - Ask for Sympathy or a Position of Power

What to Say to Help Seal The Appointment

Yellow Pages Yes or No?

I'm Going to Try to Save Your Life


What Didn't Work

The Lowest Cost Office Space You'll EVER Find!

And More...!

I read my own advertising and marketing ebook at least once a week to remind me of free and cheap marketing and advertising ideas.

People miss so many advertising and marketing opportunities. If you miss a chance to advertise or market your product or service you have lost money you will not get back! So, I compiled a list and set of instructions of tested free ways to advertise and market myself and others have used successfully. Even if your business is on line if you're not using my Sneaky Advertising Tricks offline you're missing sales. This contains every advertising and marketing trick I've ever tried or heard of being tried over a 30 year period!


Hi Rick,

Thanks for your book “Sneaky Advertising and Marketing Tips – Getting Customers with Free Offline Advertising”.

I was surprised [pleasantly] to find this book covers much more than the title implies.

As you read this book you can sense the real life experience behind your work – such a refreshing change from the many rehashed out of date products out there today.

I have been Online marketing since 2000, during that time I have never considered using additional Off Line marketing tactics as described in your book. For several years now I have been building websites for Off Line, bricks and mortar businesses. More recently I have been building a lot more mobile sites for local businesses. I think the business owners I have been dealing with could make excellent use of your book and I won’t hesitate to recommend your book to them.




"I first got to know J. Richard Kirkham when he was teaching Martial Arts, we both had a passion for Martial Arts and Marketing. He has shifted his focus towards helping others with his marketing knowledge and this new book is a great example of his skill at captchering new clients with low or no cost marketing techniques.

Large Advertising firms will tell you that you need to spend money to make money and this is outright Bullshit.  J. Richard Kirkham provides some great marketing insights for small businesses that need to reach new customers without getting a 2nd mortgage on their house.

A lot of big businesses focus on acting like a small business to connect with customers and build relationships, this is a simple but powerful insight that should inspire all small businesses... You probably already have the special component that Big Businesses are chasing, don't copy them, make the most of being small, friendly and real, that's what people want, believe it or not you have an advantage over the cold companies that treat people like numbers in a queue.

Grab this new book for some great insights on low or no cost advertising to promote your business"

Aaron J. Perry


Interesting content. I'd recommend this book for those looking for unique ideas. The wisdom that real life shares is definitely valuable. -Toshio Ikene , Martial Arts Instructor

What If...

What if this ebook saves you time in trying advertising and marketing ideas that did not work?

What if one of these advertising and marketing ideas is your break through?

What if two or more of these advertising and marketing ideas makes you money and gets you repeat business?

What if, you never find out...?

Let's get this done. Invest  $19.95 $9.95 into your business and INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS by MAKING MORE MONEY with Sneaky Advertising and Marketing Tricks

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